The objective set at the Chisinau Investment Economic Forum was achieved: ALL WASTE IN CHISINAU WILL BE SORTED.


Municipal Enterprise Regia Autosalubritate, signed a contract with the company “ABS” SRL, which provides for the provision of waste sorting services collected daily from the municipality of Chisinau. Thus, approximately 190,000 tons of waste are to be sorted annually in the Capital, which will allow in 2023, the recycling of more than 10% of the mass of waste (over 19,000 tons) or approximately 40-45% of the volume of waste.

The Mayor General of the Municipality of Chisinau, Ion Ceban, present at the event, stated that in the last 3 years enormous investments have been made and a lot of work has been done in the field of municipal waste management: “I am happy and I want to say with all sincerity that, the chronic problems with faced the capital over the years, today for the first time we realize them head-to-tail in Chisinau, in accordance with the standards of the European Union states. I am glad that, following transparent and participatory procedures, we have ensured that this process is completed. We are ready to contribute at the national level with our expertise, experiences, including those things that we didn’t do very well, so that the Government can solve the urgent problem of waste in other localities”.

According to the interim director of Municipal Enterprise Directed by “Autosalubrity”, Igor Girlea, the signing of this contract is a very important step that will bring enormous benefits to the people of Chisinau: “The impact of this contract will be enormous, because the Municipality of Chisinau will become the largest recycler in the region in accordance with the objectives set at the Economic Forum Investment Chisinau 2022, so that in 2030 we have zero stored waste. In addition, we will work in accordance with what was set by the mayor’s office to identify solutions and for active degassing so that methane from the decomposition of waste does not reach the atmosphere”.

We note that the contract has a duration of five years and is divided into two stages. In the first stage paper/cardboard, plastic, metal and glass waste will be recycled, and in the II stage the sorter will recycle the RDF from the waste, which will lead to the recycling of more than 20% of the entire waste mass collected from city ​​(over 38,000 tons) or approximately 70% of the volume of waste sent for sorting.
The total value of the contract is 217.5 million lei (including VAT), paid from the financial resources of Î.M. Directed “Self-salubrity”.