Starting the business

Currently, the following forms of business legal entities (for profit) can be incorporated:

  • Individual enterprise
  • Company in collective name
  • Limited partnership
  • Corporation
  • Limited liability company
  • Production cooperative
  • Entrepreneurial cooperative

In general, the form of business organization does not influence the type of activity that must be carried out by a legal person. Certain types of activities expressly provided for by law can only be carried out on the basis of a license issued by the public authorities.

Registration procedure

State registration of legal entities is carried out on working days within 24 hours. The state registration of legal entities, at the request of the applicant, can be carried out in emergency mode for 4 hours.

For state registration of legal entities:

  • the identity cards of the founders or their representatives, empowered by authenticated power of attorney in the manner established by law, as well as of the administrator of the legal entity
  • the registration application according to the model approved by the state registration body
  • the incorporation decision and incorporation documents of the legal entity, depending on the legal form of organization, in two copies
  • the opinion of the National Financial Market Commission – for insurance companies, non-state pension funds and savings and loan associations
  • the document confirming payment of the registration fee

For the state registration of legal entities with foreign investments, the following will additionally be attached to the registration application:

  • the extract from the register in which the legal entity with foreign investments is registered, translated and notarized
  • the articles of incorporation of the foreign legal entity
  • The documents listed for the state registration of legal entities with foreign investments are presented in original or in copies notarized and legalized by consular offices abroad, being translated into the state language.Foreign official documents, drawn up on the territory of the states party to the Convention on the Suppression of the Requirement of Superlegalization of Foreign Official Documents, concluded in The Hague on 05.10.1961, to which the Republic of Moldova is a party, on which the apostille is applied under the conditions established by this Convention, are accepted upon registration without additional legalization. This provision also applies to the extracts and copies of these documents.

    The only exceptions are documents issued by the authorities of CIS member countries, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Hungary, with which treaties are concluded in the field, according to which the respective official documents are recognized on the territory of the country without apostillation and superlegalization .

    The documents for state registration are perfected in the state language and are submitted to the state registration body by the founder or by his representative, empowered by a power of attorney authenticated in the manner established by law.