The official opening of the Urban Social Forum, organized by Chisinau City Hall


Chisinau City Hall informs that the Chisinau Urban Social Forum 2023 started its work on Thursday in the capital.

The project is an initiative of Chisinau and aims to take over the best European practices, to consolidate the experiences and efforts for the development of the capital and increase the benefits for the local community, in accordance with the main purpose of the Sustainable Development Goals, to not let the no one behind.

The agenda of the Chisinau Urban Social Forum addresses various topics:
Mapping of social services in the municipality of Chisinau;
City of cohesion and well-being;
City of opportunities;
Creative City;
City of generations;
Safe City;
Healthy city;
Inclusive City;
Learning City;
Energy efficient city.

The forum was opened by the Mayor General, Ion Ceban, who reiterated the importance of the event, in order to increase the quality of the social and educational services implemented in Chisinau, so that minors who end up on the streets benefit from help, people in difficult situations have support from on the part of the state, the elderly benefit from an active and safe life, and every member of the community has access to quality social services and a decent life at home.

In the context, the mayor referred to the 3 crises that the municipality faced during the last years: the pandemic crisis, the refugee crisis and the energy crisis, phenomena that required prompt actions from the authorities, which were not prepared for such events. However, the Chisinau City Hall coped with the situation, while also managing to develop new opportunities.

Thus, new services were created in various fields, new educational, social and health spaces were built and created, buildings were renovated, high-performance equipment was purchased, public spaces were rehabilitated and accessible to all citizens.

“We will extract the most important recommendations from the experts’ communications at the Forum, for the realization of the 2030 social agenda in the municipality of Chisinau. Here we will discuss the best practices, we want to see how the city can become better, in all aspects, how it can compile the infrastructure aspect with quality services for citizens. We must align ourselves with the cities that implement sustainable energy efficiency projects, attract as many projects and investments in this regard as possible.

Chisinau City Hall, in its capacity as a local public authority, has the responsibility to know and anticipate the needs of its residents and we tend to offer services that completely satisfy these needs”, Ion Ceban also mentioned.

More than 60 speakers from 30 cities of the world participate in the Social Forum 2023, who come to share their ideas and best practices.

In the room are present the best local experts in the social field, in health, child protection and education, and next to them are the specialists from the municipality who manage the stated fields in a practical way and make things change for the better.

The meeting is scheduled for May 4 – 6, and will be held at the Radisson Blu Convention Center. The first 2 days of the event are organized in 13 thematic panels. On the 3rd day of the Forum, the participants will make documentary visits to the institutions in the city that provide social services.