The web page on the development of local policies and strategies has been launched


Chisinau City Hall has created a web page where citizens can find information on the development of local policies and strategies, documents that define the city’s long-term vision, aiming to address the problems and needs faced by the community.

Access !

Through access to the information that is publicly placed by Chisinau City Hall, citizens can have a clear understanding of how local policies and strategies are developed. Thus, by accessing the website, interested persons will find information about strategies, development plans, projects, schemes, concepts, regulations, as well as the investment map of the Municipality. The documents were developed in recent years by specialists, together with external experts and consulted in public debates, and all proposals were analyzed and taken into account. Currently, we are working on the version of the site in Russian and English.

Dozens of important Strategies and Plans for the development of the municipality of Chisinau, you will find them on the new platform created by Chisinau City Hall:

Sustainable socio-economic and spatial development strategy;
Investment map of Chisinau Municipality;
The process of developing the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan;
The sustainable development strategy of the Capital: “Chisinau – Green City – Strategic Planning of Chisinau”;
Tourism development strategy 2022-2026;
Youth Strategy;
Local anti-corruption plan 2022-2025;
“Chisinau – Smart City” strategy.