Number of accommodation structures

9 441 places

Tourist accommodation capacity

28 649 people

Number of foreign tourists per year

Tourism is declared as one of the priority areas of the economy, with a high potential for development and presenting a complex combination of natural environments (natural areas, massive forests, defile, meadows) and artificial environments (medieval settlements, fortresses, cities with various architectural styles, spa resorts, festivals, wineries, etc.). Potential forms of tourism that could compete on the international market are: wine tourism, ecotourism, recreation, health and cultural tourism.

Chisinau is 448 km from Bucharest (Romania) and 471 km from Kyiv (Ukraine), capitals of neighboring states. “The city of white stone” is the phrase with which Chisinau is nicknamed. The nickname comes from the abundance of buildings built from white limestone.

Tourist spots:

  • The National Art Museum: The National Art Museum in Chisinau was founded in 1939. The building was built and designed from white stone and red brick by the architect Alexandru Plămădeala. On an area of ​​800 square meters, the works are structured in sections such as: medieval art and popular creation, Russian and Oriental art, scenography and others. The museum has 44,000 exhibits that are part of various collections: ancient, medieval art, sculpture, etc. The museum building retains an elegant spirit and exudes grandeur.
  • Arch of Triumph: Also called the Holy Gates, the Arch of Triumph in Chisinau is an architectural monument built in 1841, to commemorate the victory of the Russian armies over the Turks. Inside the arch is a bell that was cast from the metal of Turkish cannons captured in the war. The height of the monument is 13 m, and the capitals of the four pillars of the building were carved in Corinthian style. A mechanical clock is mounted on the front, illuminated at night, which announces the exact time by sound.
  • Tradition at the Village Museum: The Village Museum is a true oasis of peace and relaxation. Inaugurated on May 18, 1995, the museum reconstructs the Bessarabian village from the century. XVIII-XIX. It covers an area of ​​150 ha and includes six ethnographic areas and 165 monuments: windmills, water mills, wooden churches, houses, outbuildings, crucifixes, an inn, a tavern. The Village Museum is the perfect place to rest and rediscover the past.
  • Pushkin Memorial House: In Chisinau there is one of the two buildings preserved to this day where the great poet and playwright Alexandr Sergheevici Pushkin lived and wrote. The Pushkin Memorial House in Chisinau was inaugurated on February 10, 1948. It has a traditional Moldavian structure, with two rooms and an awning. The poet lived here for several months, during which he wrote the beginning of the famous novel “Evgeni Onegin”. It is one of the most important tourist attractions with international historical significance in Chisinau.
  • National Museum of History and Archeology of Moldova
  • National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History
  • For park lovers: Ştefan cel Mare și Sfînt Public Garden is among the tourist attractions in Chişinău that are worth visiting
  • Valley of the Mills
  • Water Castle
  • Moldexpo complex