Outpatient or polyclinic medical institutions


Doctors of all specialties



The health of the population is a priority of the municipality. There is a framework of policies and programs in this regard, which ensured an effective mechanism for coordinating, implementing and evaluating health promotion actions, aimed at reducing the impact of modifiable risk factors, preventing diseases and improving the health of the population.

In order to fulfill these objectives, in the municipality of Chisinau there are public medical and sanitary institutions as well as private medical centers, which offer a wide spectrum of medical services, based on professional experiences and teams of qualified specialists.

One of the best performing private medical centers in the city of Chisinau is Medpark International Hospital, founded by the company with foreign capital Health Forever International. The hospital is a large-scale project and is financed by investors from the United States of America and Turkey. Financial investments exceed 20 million euros.

Open 24/24 hours and 7/7 days, the hospital offers high quality medical services in accordance with international standards and practices, equal to those of leading medical institutions on the international market. Medpark brings together over 200 doctors, doctors of medical sciences, covering all medical and surgical specialties who treat over 110,000 patients annually.

Medical tourism

Medical tourism in the city of Chisinau is becoming more and more popular every year, offering high-quality treatment. Foreign patients are attracted by the excellent quality of medical services, affordable prices, as well as the opportunity to combine medical tourism with visiting amazingly beautiful places.

The main fields of medical tourism in Moldova are dentistry, viral hepatitis C treatment, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, family planning.

Equally popular are the services offered in spa resorts. The most requested spa resorts are the sanatoriums in the city of Vadul-lui-Voda that offer treatment and rehabilitation services.

Dental tourism

The main field of medical tourism is dental tourism. Dental tourism in Chisinau is quite a popular phenomenon. A trip of this kind is a successful combination of cultural recreation with the possibility of obtaining high-quality dental treatment.

Dental clinics in Chisinau have all medical facilities, are equipped with modern equipment and can be proud of highly qualified specialists, and the price for dental treatment is several times lower than in Europe or the USA.

Chisinau is distinguished by very convenient transport connections – airport, train station, you can come by bus or your own car.

The positive aspects of dental tourism:

  • A wide range of dental services
  • The possibility of performing complex dental procedures in a short time
  • Affordable prices for high-quality treatments
  • Modern equipment
  • Experienced dentists
  • Quality materials for dental work
  • Elegant atmosphere in the dental clinic

Dental tourism is very advantageous not only financially. If desired, an individual tourist program is selected for each. This allows not only to get quality dental care, but also to get to know the main tourist attractions of the city – one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe.

The tourist package for patients includes the following points:

  • Airport
  • Transport
  • Translator
  • Support and assistance during treatment
  • Legal assistance (if necessary)
  • Hotel accommodation

Having achieved an excellent result at a low cost, many patients subsequently become regular customers and travel regularly for high-quality treatment as well as to take the opportunity to visit a new tourist destination.