375,4 million lei

Extractive industry

35 430,6 million lei

Manufacturing industry

6 608,1 million lei

Production and supply of electricity and thermal energy, gas, hot water and air conditioning

The industrial activity in the city of Chisinau is mostly focused on the manufacturing industry, such as: the food industry, the beverage industry, the manufacture of clothing, textile products. The extractive industry and the production and supply of electricity and thermal energy, gas are also developed.

For the convenience of foreign investors, many outstanding platforms have been created where incentives are abundant and working conditions are better. The free economic zone and industrial park are the most common platforms that attract both foreign and local investors and receive special treatment from the authorities.

The Free Entrepreneurship Zone  „Expo-Business-Chisinau”

FEZ  „Expo-Business-Chisinau” is created by Law no. 625-ХIII of November 3, 1995 “Regarding the Free Entrepreneurship Zone „Expo-Business-Chisinau”, located in the capital of the country – city Chisinau, occupies an area of ​​23.61 ha. FEZ „Expo-Business-Chisinau” is created with the aim of attracting foreign investments and technologies. The term of its operation was established until 2035.

In FEZ „Expo-Business-Chisinau” 56 residents are registered who are active in the fields such as the industrial production of export goods, construction materials, wines, spirits and sorting, marking, packaging and other such operations with transited goods through the customs territory of the Republic of Moldova.

Residents of the free zone can become natural and legal persons of both foreign countries and the country. The registration of residents is carried out by the Administration on a competitive basis, taking into account the volume and nature of the investments, the type of activity, the main directions of development of FEZ .

Facilitated customs and tax regimes are established for FEZ residents.

The „Tracom” industrial park

The „Tracom” industrial park, located in the center of Chisinau, represents a territorial complex with a specific status, within the perimeter of which favorable conditions are ensured for the development of entrepreneurial activity.

IP „Tracom” is a delimited territory that has technical and production infrastructure, where economic activities are carried out, mainly industrial production, service provision, the capitalize of scientific research and technological development in a regime of specific facilities in order to capitalize human potential and material of a region. In the Industrial Park „Tracom” 71 residents are registered, thus creating 2108 jobs. The total amount of investments is 1412 million lei and the annual turnover is 3233 million lei.