20930 hectares

Arable land

6347 hectares

Perennial plantations

30141 hectares

Agricultural area

The agri-food field represents one of the basic branches of the economy of the municipality of Chisinau, and the land is the greatest wealth.

The main branches of regional specialization are: the wine industry, sugar, fruit and vegetable preserves, natural sauces, oils, etc. This fact is due to favorable climatic conditions for the development of agriculture. Most of the agricultural production is of vegetable origin, constituting about 90% of the total volume of production. The agricultural potential can fully cover the domestic market demand.

The main crops are winter and spring cereals (wheat, barley, corn), sunflower, sugar beet, potatoes and vegetables, horticultural crops and fruits. The main products of the Moldovan livestock sector are poultry, pork and beef.

The structure of agricultural production can be categorized as a relatively stable one, which generally represents 55-70% of vegetable origin and 30-45% of animal origin.

Average yield per hectare on the main agricultural crops (quintals)

  • Cereals and legumes – grains – 26.8
  • Sunflower – 17.4
  • Potatoes – 67.6
  • Vegetables (field) – 105.7
  • Grapes – 48.8

The municipality of Chisinau includes 6 cities and 12 municipalities. The suburbs of Chisinau are a real treasure for investors with an agrarian-industrial profile.

The main advantages of agriculture in the municipality of Chisinau are

  • The workforce with rich experience and knowledge has the ability to ensure efficient specialization in the cultivation of export products with high profitability and productivity.
  • The fertile soil ensures the cultivation of high-value crops such as: fruits and vegetables, tobacco, as well as wine production.
  • Geographical location and favorable climate with short and relatively mild winters and long summers, which offer the possibility of growing different early varieties of vegetables.

Top most agricultural lands on the territory of the administrative-territorial units of the Chisinau municipality

  • Bacioi – 4536.68 hectares
  • Sangera – 3169.00 hectares
  • Trușeni – 2464.00 hectares
  • Budești – 2054.00 hectares
  • Durlesti – 1970.73 hectares

Cricova vineyards

Cricova vineyards are the biggest in the country. The Cricova Winery was founded in 1952, representing a unique underground complex, known for its huge labyrinths and especially for its wines. The Wine Company, based in the city of Cricova, is located 11 km from the capital Chisinau. The Cricova Winery was awarded the highest state award, the Order of the Republic. Thanks to over 120 km of natural galleries, mostly used for wine storage, Cricova is one of the biggest tourist attractions. Visiting the Underground City, where 20 million liters of wine are stored at a constant temperature of 14 degrees Celsius, starts from Cabernet Street, one of the most popular red wines in the world.

Information regarding the area sown with agricultural crops for the year 2022 in the municipality of Chisinau

  • Maize – 5990 hectares
  • Wheat – 2050 hectares
  • Sunflower – 1595 hectares
  • Autumn barley – 687 hectares
  • Spring barley – 465 hectares
  • Rapita – 250 hectares
  • Soy – 90 hectares
  • Rye – 21 hectares