Roman Vitiuc, head of the General Directorate of Economy, Trade and Tourism, reported on the measures taken by the municipal authorities in order to develop economic inclusion in Chisinau during the Chisinau Urban Social Forum


The socio-economic situation in Chisinau largely determines the socio-economic situation of the country as a whole, and the development challenges and opportunities of Chisinau determine the development challenges and opportunities of the whole country.

Just a few figures to understand the significance of the municipality for the national economy: the total number of economic agents registered in the municipality of Chisinau in the situation of 2022 is – 36,915, which represents a weight of 61.2% of the total economic agents in the country!

Given the fact that the small and medium enterprises sector in Chisinau represents 96.1% of all enterprises registered in Chisinau, it is obvious that this sector is a priority for the municipality in order to implement support and development policies.

The city of Chisinau ensures the spatial, economic and social inclusion of its inhabitants, promoting policies and implementing programs in accordance with the best European practices in this field.

The program for the development of small and medium enterprises for the years 2023-2030;
Municipal program “Start-Up for young people and migrants;
Municipal Center for Entrepreneurship Development;
Municipal Business Incubator for the development of industries; cultural, creative and IT sector in Chisinau;
Supporting social entrepreneurship

are the most important Municipal Policies and Programs for economic inclusion designed, developed or ongoing. The city of Chisinau is a market for domestic producers, peasant households, folk craftsmen and artisans.

In 2022 alone, by or with the support of the Chisinau City Hall, 120 events were organized with trade activity on the territory of Chisinau, including in each sector of the city, and 5159 access permits were issued for trade activity within thematic fairs and the local Iarmorocs.

Chisinau is an inclusive city because it is the City that provides equal access to social and economic opportunities for all residents, regardless of economic status, gender, race, ethnicity, religion or other distinguishing characteristics.

Chisinau is an inclusive city because it is the Place where residents are empowered and empowered to participate in the city’s growth and prosperity, avoiding marginalization in terms of access to basic urban services and economic opportunities.

Chisinau is an inclusive city, because it is the City where social entrepreneurship is encouraged and supported.