All the amount of solid household waste from the capital and the suburbs will be sorted!


In this sense, a contract was signed regarding the sorting of household solid waste between I.M. Regia “Autosalubritate” and Company “ABS” SRL, selected on the basis of a competition. The value of the contract is 217 million lei, with a duration of 5 years.

The General Mayor, Ion Ceban, declared that with the contracting of this service, the municipality will increase the quality of recycled waste: “Chisinau will become the largest waste recycling operator in the region. At the same time, the objectives set in this regard at the national level will be met. “The solution comes to solve the gaps in the waste sorting system, and the Chisinau City Hall will develop other solutions that will allow reducing the amount of stored waste and reducing the level of environmental pollution. We owe it to future generations to do so.”

All waste collected from the city, approximately 190 thousand tons from the city, will be sent for sorting, regardless of whether or not it was sorted at the source. And this will allow in 2023 to recycle at least 10% of the mass of waste with approx. 40-45%.

For his part, the director of “ABS” SRL, Vasile Balica, stated that the organization has a practice of sorting waste for about 7 years and 16 years in the field of waste management: “We will sort the municipal waste and return to the economic circuit everything that what does packaging mean: 13 fractions of waste that can be recycled we will give them a new life. This way we will reduce pollution, for a clean environment”.

The interim director of I.M. Regia “Autosalubritate”, Igor Girlea, specified that at the first stage all waste will be sorted, regardless of whether it was collected separately at the source or not. Thus, at least 19 thousand tons of garbage will no longer have to be stored. In the second stage, the sanitation operator proposes that already 20% of waste be recycled.

The following will be selected for recycling: paper, cardboard, plastic, metal and glass. For this purpose, various information campaigns will also be organized, in order to sensitize the community to the importance of sorting.

By 2030, in accordance with the objectives set at the First Economic Forum Chisinau 2022, APL Chisinau aims to have 0% solid household waste stored.